The Health Effects Of Overweight And Obesity

Health Effects : Obesity is a common problem that is estimated to affect around one in 3 adults. In 2017, there were 2,200 million people who had obesity. Obesity has increased 3 times more in men and 2 times more in women. In Thailand, this is also increasing. As for the ranking of obesity in the ASEAN region, Thailand came second after Malaysia. There are 10 million people with obesity in Thailand – 4.7 million men and 11.3 million women.

Obesity is generally caused by consuming more calories than burning through daily activities and exercises. Factors that contribute to obesity are as below.

Take in more calories – particularly fatty and sugary foods such as bakery, sweets, chips, sweetened drinks
Unhealthy Health Effects
Take fast food often or addicted to fast food
Inactivity, sedentary lifestyle
Appropriate method to control weight – yo-yo effect
Slow metabolism

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