How to Apply an Epoxy Coating to a Garage Floor

The standard for a tough, good-looking surface on the garage floor is garage floor epoxy. Although it is common to hear people refer to “epoxy paint,” in reality, epoxy and paint are different products with different chemical compositions. Epoxy creates a tougher coating than paint, but it is a little trickier to apply. Careful prep and an organized approach are the keys to success. Application of garage floor epoxy can vary a little from product to product, so be sure to check the instructions on the product you choose.

Epoxy Floor Coating
Epoxy garage floor coating is commonly sold in kits that include the two-part epoxy, etching solution, and decorative color chips (which are optional) as well as complete instructions. Some kits also include an online link for instructions. Color choice is very limited, as many coatings are simply gray, while some are brown or off-white. Check the contents of the kit so you know which additional supplies are required.

Epoxy floor coatings work best on a concrete floor that is in good shape, without serious cracks, chips, or spalls. A brand-new concrete slab is best, but older slabs can work fine if you first do whatever repair and patching work is called for.

Most minor cracks and chips can be easily repaired with any concrete patching product. Make sure the patched areas dry and cure fully before applying epoxy over them. After patching, also make sure that the concrete is degreased and properly etched, as directed by the manufacturer or the epoxy.



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