For the Mamas: Could your personality affect your baby’s gender?

There are numerous old wives’ tales on how you can predict your baby’s gender. Perhaps one of the most dubious ones is that a salty food craving means you’re having a boy, and a sweet one a girl. However, these theories aren’t founded in any science (no surprises there) and have – well – been proven to be wrong.

Interestingly, a series of studies has surfaced an unlikely factor that can influence the your baby’s gender: your personality.

Yes, according to the study, women with ‘more dominant’ personalities (therefore indicating a higher level of testosterone than average) are more likely to have boys, while women with a ‘milder’ temperament were found to be more likely to have girls.

In fact, the study’s lead researcher, reproductive scientist Dr. Valerie Grant, has an 80% accuracy track record when it comes to predicting the gender. Get this: even BEFORE they got pregnant.

How she does this? She would ask women to choose from 64 adjectives that best describe their personalities. If the women selected eight or more adjectives that were more dominant in nature, they were more likely to have sons, and the converse is true for daughters.

So – science or simply pure coincidence? What are your thoughts on the study?

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