A Silver Lining for Child Beggars in India

Most of us feel pity for the children that we come across, begging and selling on traffic signals. Even more horrifying is the report which says around 40,000 children are abducted each year in India.

It’s heartbreaking to imagine a world where few are crying for fancy toys and a few, for bread.

While it’s sad to accept that the industry of human trafficking is growing stronger each year, there are people who restore our faith in humanity.

A bunch of young students from different states of India came together with an idea of teaching these underprivileged kids.

It all started with a simple project. They wanted to film a documentary around Delhi. It was then they realized that these children were not getting something that is every citizen’s birthright. An education!

Child beggars and street kids taking a class
Teacher in action
child beggars in India
Kids showing off their notebook.

“It all has been possible because of group effort and commitment shown by our team, which includes Kundan, Deepak, Jay, Sahil, Shahid, Amritansh, Dharamraj, Deepak and Shubham. We started teaching from Rajiv Chowk in Delhi and right now we are teaching more than 2000 street kids for free”, says Vivek, who hails from Shivamoga. He is one of the early founders of savechildbeggar.org

When asked for the motivation behind, Vivek said, one of the main reason is poverty, migration, orphans and mafia.

What we can do about it:

  • We can join their group (savechildbeggar.org), and take out 2 hours of our time to teach these kids. There are also several other NGOs operating in different cities where you can help in educating these underprivileged kids.

  • You can also donate clothes, books, toys and other food items for these kids. They don’t take cash donations.

  • Never give money to beggars with infants in their lap. You can even threaten them to take them to the police. In most of the cases those children don’t even belong to them.

So if you are in Delhi, join these people, as they need all the support they can get. Save a child and save the future of India..

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