Things Which Will Make You Proud This Independence Day

Independence Day is just around the corner and no doubt the sentiment that we have for Independence Day is unlike any other holiday in India. It fills us with patriotism and makes us remember the sacrifice of our freedom fighters.

The best thing about this day is, it is not bound by any religion, caste, state or language.

Indians all over the world, take pride in singing national anthem and watching our flag fly high.


On this occasion while we remember the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, let us do something which will make a difference. Let us make this country which they could only dreamed of.


First, identify a problem in your society. It can be trash on the roads, potholes, illiteracy, electricity or water scarcity. Pick a problem which you think is important and take responsibility to change it, like


You can take a resolution that you:

  • Will never ever throw trash on the road
  • Will never waste a single drop of water
  • Will not violate traffic rules, no matter how late you are
  • Will save electricity as much you can (switching to LED, solar heaters and solar power grid and switching off any appliance not being used, will help)
  • Will remember that, a country is always bigger than any political party, politician, language and religion. Do not let anyone create differences amongst yourselves because of these petty things

Believe me it always starts with one person and it has to be you.

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Indian Flag at Rajiv Chwok
Indian Flag


Let us pledge to make India a better place this Independence day.

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