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Can India ever be Clean?

Before jumping on the question, allow me to present few facts on solid waste management in India.

With population of 1.25 billion, ~62 million tons of waste is generated annually by our urban cities. Out of this, only a small chunk of 11.9 million is treated properly and goes through proper channel. The rate by which our landfills are expanding, by 2030 we might need an area equal to Bangalore to keep our solid waste.


So, can India ever be clean?



I know this is a lofty goal and I am being too optimistic. But, there are always few people who restores our faith in goodwill.

Few infamous people who work day and night, just because they want things to be different.

Such as:


Temsutula Iamsong – A girl shocked by filthy ghats of Varanasi took the responsibility in her hand and started cleaning the ghats on her own. “All we need is someone to initiate and mob will join”. This incident perfectly exemplify this, as so many people joined her that they end up cleaning 300K of waste.


Afroz Shah – By now most of us have heard of him on social media or news channels. He is the guy who is honoured by UN Environments Champion of the Earth for initiating the Versova beach cleaning campaign. Inspired by his effort many people and celebrities joined him in the movement.

Versova Beach Cleanup
Before and after pic of Versova beach

Before and after pics of Versova pic tells us that he deserves all the accolades he has got. This movement ended up cleaning 5.6 million kg of trash, becoming the biggest beach cleaning movement in world.


Hats off to people like them and many others for inspiring us and showing us the result of being the change.

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