What is Google Toilet Locator | Google Making Toilets Accessible

Ever thought of reviewing public toilet? Well, yes now you can.


Well, everyone of us has felt the need of a public toilet once. Also, every time we find it difficult to locate the nearest public toilet. But now, with Google toilet locater you can search for nearest public toilet on Google maps.

Now available in only Delhi NCR, Bhopal and Indore you will not only get the location with direction, but you can also review the maintenance. Most of the public toilets in India are in filthy condition, so we hope this changes something.


“Working closely with minister of Urban Development, Google is adding the location, address and opening hours of over 4000 public restrooms to maps, to provide information to people and help improve sanitation”, said a Google official.


From petrol bunk to railway station, you can locate each one of them. Well now this is available in few cities, but we hope to see this across India.


“This step is being taken in order to boost the functionality of civic amenities such as public Toilets and to encourage people to locate and use public services like toilets. Citizen feedback will help us improve the services” said Praveen Prakash, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.


Also, Twitterati has welcomed this new toilet locater feature with open arms(with #looReview), and why not this certainly is a good news.

Twitterati welcoming Google Public toilet locator feature
            Twitterati responding to #looReview


With this new feature Google made us believe that it has all the answers, indeed.


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