Effects of Global Warming In India

Effects of Global Warming In India

If you are displeased by the scorching Sun these days and worried about getting a tan, then there is a lot more coming. This temperature is not going to come down in the coming years. Yes! “Summer is coming”.

Why is the temperature going up each year?

Whether we realize it or not but global warming is the reason behind most of the issues we are facing today.

It took years for us to accept that humans are responsible for global warming by concentrating our environment with greenhouse gases.

But, more than 80% of world energy is powered by fossil fuels, oil or gas, thus it’s quite impossible to switch to an alternative source in a short period of time.

What are the main sources of greenhouse gas?

Water Vapour, Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Methane and Ozone are the major contributors to greenhouse gas.

CO2, which contributes around 9-26% to greenhouse gas comes from burning fossil fuels.

Take a look at top annual greenhouse contributors by sector:

Power Stations             –  21.3%

Industrial Process         –  16.8%

Transportation Fuels  –  14.0%

Agriculture Byproduct   –   12.5%

Fossil Fuel Retrieval     –    11.3%


Effects of Global Warming in India:

  1. Financial Effect: According to The Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, if global warming continues to affect us at this rate, it will cause a decrease in India’s GDP by approximately 9%. Also, crop production can be decreased by 40%.

  2. Floods: In India, 27 out of 35 states come under disaster prone area. States like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Orissa, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh area few of them. India is most affected by floods, after Bangladesh, with 8 million hectares of land getting affected every year. Floods of 1987 in Bihar tore the state apart, resulting in the death of 1400 people and 5000 animals.

  3. Droughts: 68% of agricultural land in India is drought prone. Some of the most affected states are Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Karnataka. According to a study, if global warming is not controlled, it is going to hit Uttar Pradesh and Bihar hard.

Main Cause of Global Warming:

In the process of growing economically we are ignoring the fact that exploiting the source of all resources will do no good for mankind. From past few decades we have been ignoring the  warnings and disasters happening because of our reckless behaviour. It’s time all of us should realize that many more generations are yet to come after us and it’s our responsibility to leave a better version of this planet for them.

And it needs to be done both ways, not only we should stop exploiting our resources, but we should also start manufacturing them.


The Solution

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, next best time is today”

One other solution I can think of, which all of us can work on, is controlling our population.

Yes, from where I see this is the root cause of many of our problems, for example:

More people>More Industrial Needs>More Industries

More People>More Garbage>More Plastic>Bigger Landfills

More People>Less Land>Higher Food Cost>Higher Land Cost

More People>Less School/Colleges>Higher Cost of Education

More People>More Vehicles>More Pollution etc etc

You must be educated enough to understand this, but help us in conveying this message to ones who can not read this. Educate your driver, a farmer, labourers to not have more than 2 children and help us save the environment.


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