What Is Challenge to Change – A Campaign for a Clean India


What is Challenge to Change???


challenge to change


Challenge to Change is a social media campaign started by greenbin to promote waste segregation from source.


To accept the challenge, you have to;


  1. Make a video of yours, throwing a piece of dry waste (eg: bottle, paper ball, can etc) into this bin, from a min distance of four walking steps.
  2. After shooting this video, post it on facebook or twitter with #challengetochange and nominate your friends.(Campaign will be running whole october)

Link to a sample Youtube video : https://youtu.be/RTTa6QABKT0

Goal of the campaign;

The goal of this campaign is to achieve complete waste segregation from source, as this is the root cause of all the waste management problem in India.

If you have ever felt the need of dustbins at public place or passed by smelling landfill, this is the time to act.

Your 2 mins can change a lot!!

If not now then when?


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