15 Things Which India Wants

Billion people, millions of need. But, few things which seeks attention throughout the country are:


1. To Boys:

Girls get dressed up, because they like attention, everyone does.

Giving attention is different from making uncomfortable.

Also, Don’t Rape.


2.To Girls:

When a girl wears a short dress, you roll your eyes more than boys.The word slut is more common in girls than boys.

Don’t do this and advertise feminism on social media.


3.For Kids:

Child labour is a heinous crime. Not only avoid it, also report it when you see one.


4.On Rules:

“Rules are meant to be broken”….may be rules of how you live your life, not traffic rules.

Also, if only one guy will follow the rule, he will be left behind. So, don’t let that guy change his mind.


5.Facebook Politicians:

Talking about politics and taking interest in it is really appreciable. But remember

A vote > Multiple likes and comments




There is no meaning of our education, if a uneducated ragpicker is picking up our mess.

Be the change and don’t just clean your house and throw it somewhere else. Remember this

Want to be a part of Clean India Movement? Read about Challenge to Change Campaign

7.Government Employees:

There are many who are working day and night to make our country a better place, don’t let few ruin it.

Also, giving bribe is no less than taking it.



Don’t choose leaders based on their cast, creed and religion. Never!!



Just imagine a India where everyone one knows one language, any language.

A labor from Bihar can come to work in Tamil Nadu without giving it a another thought.

Also, learn English, it may not tell your intellect level, but it can take you on some another level in your career.


10.On Religion:

If you religion is teaching you to hate another religion, you need to change you religion.


11.Social Media:

Remember, different people can have different opinion. Learn to accept that ( I know you can encounter idiots anywhere, ignore them) don’t pull your hair.



Not very important, but watch good movies, please don’t watch movies like Kya Cool Hain Hum, Dilwale, etc etc.



Don’t take offense easily, you will be an easy target.

Also, don’t take offense for others, especially if that person is cool with it.


14.On Reproduction:

Control your emotions, we are already ENOUGH!!

This one thing can solve many of our problems, like:

Less students, more schools, education will be cheap

Less people, more land, real estate will be cheap etc etc



The most important point.

Educated person is not equal to literate person. GIve your child a better education, tell them to be a better citizen rather than Engineer, IAS etc etc.

Always educate your girl and tell others as well.


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