A Step Towards Swachh Bharat


What is Swachh Bharat?

It is a vision of few great people like Modi or Gandhi which has now become a goal for many.
Its a picture that our PM has implanted in our minds so that :
  • One day all of our cities/villages will be Open Defecation Free
  • Our streets and localities will be clean
  • Our Railway Stations & Bus Stands will no more reek
  • Use of plastic will be minimum
  • Nobody will die of Dengue
  • All of our plastic waste will be recycled and food waste converted to compost.

How can this dream of "Clean India" be achieved?

A great man once said :
        "With one goal we can achieve all we want"
History shows evidence that we have proved him right. The last time Indians came together with one goal, we fought for the independence of our country.
Irrespective of religion, gender, caste, age or profession lets join hands to make their dream come true.


We believe that it is our right to breathe in clean air and our responsibility to leave this planet green & clean for generations to come.
Lets make a pact to make India a better place to live in because "Things Do Change"

Here at greenbin we believe that:

“You never change things by fighting the reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
What is this existing reality that we want to change?
The Problem

Well, we all have seen the landfills in the outskirts of our cities. It makes our heart ache, doesn’t it? Size of these landfills is increasing day by day and why wouldn’t it? We produce almost 150 million tonne of garbage per day! Yeah, that’s right.
The Solution

According to the existing model, in order to mitigate the size of garbage, we burn it to ash, thus producing harmful gases. These gases are, again, a big problem for living beings residing nearby.
So the best option that comes to mind is to recycle it. Clearly, the method of processing dry and wet waste is entirely different.

But, here comes the catch- Is segregation possible at this scale? No. A big fat NO!
Our Solution

The goal of greenbin is to go deep in this process and solve it at the root level i.e, segregating the waste from source.
Is 100% waste segregation possible?

Complete waste segregation is possible only if it is done from the source i.e., our houses. And this is what greenbin is trying to focus on.

greenbin is not going to invent something new, but we will make use of past inventions in a more effective way.

We are going to make greenbin dustbins available at online stores for you, to make the whole process of segregation a lot easier.
Why from greenbin, not any local vendor?

  1. For the looks: greenbin dustbins will be much more beautiful and appealing than the usual bins we keep at home. Say it, we all kinda hate the flowery prints that they come with, don’t we?
  2. For Size:  We understand the pain of throwing garbage every other day. Size of the greenbin dustbin is almost double of that of the usual bins. This way, you can store the plastic waste for a week (as dry/plastic waste will not smell) and no need of disposing it every day.

Our Appeal
We assume most of you have one dustbin at your home, continue using it for food/wet waste. Buy one more dustbin online from greenbin for your plastic waste.

We request you to be a part of greenbin family, without your support this dream cannot be realized. Please buy a dustbin (not required to buy from greenbin, if you are getting a better deal, then buy offline or from any other company for that matter, but do buy it), for your plastic waste too.

Thanks for reading.

Keep Segregating.
Keep Doing Good.

greenbin - Making India Clean Again